For You Friend

You wandered into my life,
And walked straight into my heart.
A single smile was all that was needed,
For our amazing friendship to start.

You gave me new hope,
When I though that all was lost.
You always held my hand,
During all the roads we’ve crossed.

You’re my protector, my blood sister,
The one who reads my mind.
Who laughs at my lame jokes,
And helps me escape the daily grind.

So confident and loving,
A free spirit so pure.
Who shares my love of music,
Her one and only Cure.

I hope you’ll always remember,
That you’ll forever have a friend in me.
And I know if I asked the same of you,
You would always agree.

It’s hard to imagine my life,
If it was without you,
We’ve always stuck together,
No matter what stupid shit we do.

I fear now that your leaving,
A fear I’m not willing to face.
Coz I know that if you left,
My world would be a duller place.

I know life can confuse you sometimes,
But I now you’ll figure it all out in the end.
Because that’s how amazing you are,
And I’m so proud to have you as a friend.

To my gorgeous friend who has always been there



Posted On Jan 16th 2011

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