Im not thinking about my birthday, im at the bus stop at the moment, waiting for the bus to come, i wanna go to the bookstore, while im writing this draft because i think i must post it. it is incredibly incredible and touch me.

I was lookin to the right about a couple minutes ago, it is where the bus comes. Then i saw a little boy, about 11-12 years young riding his bicycle. He suddenly raised both of his hands as high as his ears, and out them on his chest (he kept riding his bike). Hang on, the bus is coming.

Okay back to the little boy, he then raised his hands again, lowered his hands and bent down. Raised his hands (again!) and bent down lower than before twice, and then he rode his bike normally. Guess what? Yes. That boy is a Muslim and he was praying dzuhr while riding his bike. I was completely fascinated, i never thought that someone, surprisingly a little boy, praying to his God, here in the land where Muslim is the minority. I was ashamed. I saw God on a bicycle today on my day. I found a new paradox then right on my birthday. I think God wanna tell me so many things today.

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