Namaste, Salute!

It is still about the Kevin Hall’s book, Aspire. I am gonna be writing about what chapter three talks about, it is Namaste. Some of you guys might know what Namaste means. And for those who don’t, I think it’s not wrong to keep reading this post! Namaste is kinda way to greet someone like Hallo or Assalamu’alaykum, whats the different? When you say Namaste it means you salute the divine within someone; you salute someone’s God-given gifts, you salute someone as who he/she really is, saya menghargai kamu sebagaimana kamu adanya, in Indonesian. Once Einstein wrote to Gandhi what he was saying when bowing with his hands pressed together (kaya none Jakarta kalo ngasih salam), and Gandhi was saying “Namaste.”
So what is something important about Namaste? As a Moslem, for me Namaste is very much about the action than the word, to greet someone still I prefer my own style like hi or Assalamu’alaykum for other Moslems. Namaste is a symbol of peace I think, to declare that I salute you for your own uniqueness no matter how short, tall, fat, thin, rich, black, white, Asian, or whatever you are, I salute you. Doing ‘Namaste’ is to admit that every individual is authentic, and is an unrepeatable miracle. Over 6 billion on earth, yet no one of us has the same finger-prints, footprints, or even laugh!

I find it’s interesting when it comes to talking about talent and potential when sometimes we look someone’s down. Let’s go to the time when our parents or teachers yell “Why can’t you be more like…. He is like this, and like that”, or after graduation when our parents insist us to take a major they think we’d succeed in, ignoring our potential and our own passion. Yeah, I often hear someone says “I took this major because my parents want me to,” gua ambil jurusan ini karena tuntutan orang tua gua, gua mah maunya sih arsitektur. Don’t you think you would be in hell during your college years? Don’t you think you would feel like youre living someone else’s life that is not so you and do what you are not good at? Didn’t our parents become so passionate to find our potential and talent when we were kid? Or when we kicked out of a group because they think we are not fashionable or modern enough, or just because you are Asian they don’t want to talk to you and treat you differently? So it is not Namaste, but don’t get me wrong dude, please.
Fortunately I had experienced how Namaste affects my life, I feel it when I was a Secretary General of the Student Government, we call ourselves 25alawe, we are closer than anyone can think, we know each other better than anyone can guess, we are like more than peers, we went through everything together and I think it’s because we are open to anyone, and salute each other’s potential and accept them as who they really are, and that everyone of us is authentic and recognize who we are. When Authentic comes from Latin, Autos means self, and hentes means being, ya we were being our own selves. Recognize comes from Re that means again, and cognizant means to know again. You know what? Recognizing our natural gufts is like meeting and old friend. It feels like coming home.

Joseph Campbell writes, “The way to find out about happiness is to keep your mind on those moments when you feel most happy, when you are really happy — not excited, not just thrilled, but deeply happy. This requires a little bit of self-analysis. What is it that makes you happy? Stay with it, no matter what people tell you. This is what is called following your bliss.” Ya, kita ga harus melakukan sesuatu yang membuat orang bahagia tapi membuat kita menderita. Terus fokuskan pikiran pada apa yang kita senangi, sesuatu yang terus menyalakan kembang api yang meletupkan kebahagiaan dalam diri kita. Pernah ga kita ngelakuin hal yang sebenernya ga kita banget, when we do something that is not so you, and then say “I’m stressed… I’m overloaded…I’m going ti have a breakdown.” Gua merasa tertekan, merasa terbebani banget, dan ngerasa ancur banget, jangan pernah bilang kaya gitu! Why? Because the fact is, those three words were not originally meant to describe humans; they were meant to describe machines when the first surfaced during the Industrial age. If you want to really fly, to soar higher than you ever thought humanly possible, so it is necessary I think, to be who we really are, to follow your nature, because nature comes from Latin, natura, means ‘to be born’ or ‘to give birth’. Nature is the gifts you born with, feel free to be yourself no matter what people say. Namaste.

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