Sometimes there is a time when you want to do something great, you have planned it well enough, or maybe you have to do an essay about peaceful world as your school assignment and we just get stuck dunno where to start. Yes I’ve been there! And when we have started it we are just too lazy to finish it, or just simply we don’t find any good way to finish it. But do you realize there is another time when we start and finish something so quick and well just because you love something to do? I call it passion.
Passion is something that burns your spirit up and find a enormous happiness to do it, when it is a passion you will never see it as a burden. Let me give you an example. When I consider calculus as my passion, i will play with all of my calculus assignments and enjoy it so much like you enjoy swimming pool on an august day. Playing while working, and working while playing, and when you just don’t wanna leave it, and when you see the clock on the wall you realize you have gone out of your real world for hours!
It is starting and finishing that separate those with passion from those without it. Passion differentiates between “I will do,” and “I will try.” You build in an excuse when you say the second one, because you start and when you don’t finish it you still can say “I’ve tried.” But if we say “I’ll do that” we commit to finish it no matter what. If you have a passion for art, why the h*** you take engineering just to look cool but you never enjoy it and always feel in hell? So what is your passion?

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