I had a bus trip days ago, being in a bus for almost 24 hours 4 days in a row. And after those stiff-boob moments I stepped my feet on the ground finally. You know it is just so hard to do anything without your feet on the ground. Talking about ground, ground is the lowest part of the world, I mean between the ground and the sky, it is like ‘basic’. Talking about it scientifically, now I am talking about the ground, soil, or humus. Humus has been becoming the ‘basic’ of this life, I mean my religion taught me that I was made from soil, from humus, and I just realized it that the word ‘human’ comes from ‘humus’.
Wikipedia  says:

In soil science, humus (coined 1790–1800; < Latin: earth, ground[1]) refers to any organic matter that has reached a point of stability, where it will break down no further and might, if conditions do not change, remain as it is for centuries, if not millennia.[2

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