Sapere Vedere

The eye is the window of the soul.

Leonardo da vinci.

It was not a good day today. The sun never came out. The sun did come out. The sun always comes out. You just didnt see it you must learn to see beyond the clouds.

Sapere vedere. Sapere is knowing how, vedere is to see. It transposes the saying, seeing is believing to believing is seeing.
Da vinci understood that we truly see with our brain first, our heart second, and then our eyes. Without sapere vedere: i.ll cross that bridge when i get there. Those with sv: i’ll see that bridge before i cross it.
Hindsight, foresight, insight. Behind. Where we’ve been. Ahead. What is in front of us. From within. What we see with the eyes of our mind.
Old germanic, wisdom wissen i know what i saw. Vision, vissen, i know what i see.
Our path is the way we travel, our vision is where we travel, our purpose is why we travel.
Purpose is a derivative from propose pro means forth rose means to put. To put forth what we intend to have happen in our life. We were each breade for and with a purpose, just as everything in the universe.
Visualize the feeling, what is your vision about what you want to become in the future? Dont ask how will i look, ask how will i feel instead. See it to be it. We are the ones who determine our vision, we decide what we want, what we dream about, what we set our life rights on, there are no limits. If we can envision it, we can achieve it.
A vision board.
Visualization is the first key to a successful future. The best way to predict it is to see it and then create it by doing it. It wkp the sculptor michelangelo who said “im every block of marble i re a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shared and perfect in attitude and action. I have only to hey away the rough wkls tat imprison the lovely apprition to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it”
Live life in crescendo. Is to constantly look forward. Crescendo is a derivative of crescere, a word that originated in the 18th century which means to increase or grow, from italian.

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