Brown And What The H*** is Wrong?

Hari ini jadi hari yang terburuk so far. Setelah hampir sebulan i’ve been tryin to survive, well dude today was the climax. Gua ga pernah menganggap “racism” (a simple one) as a serious issue, for example, at the first time i came here it was not a problem that im different. but time flies so fast. It was okay for me that everyone stares at me when i walk. gua sadar gua beda, ketika yang lain bermobil dan gua berjalan, well i know it right. So tiap hari gua jalan kaki dorm-kampus, dorm kampus, gua ga masalahin itu. kalopun gua harus cari makan dan berjalan sangat jauh, people will stare at me like im really different. Im asian. Im Muslim. So what?

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