Eid Al Fitr

Eid Mubarak y’all!!!! I Can’t believe that we are finally here, have a blessed day 🙂

This Eid is a bittersweet for me, I’m sad, happy, excited, etc. It was weird that i didn’t hear anything after Maghreb. I didn’t see any fireworks, i didn’t see those kids running and giggling, i was all alone, shouting my Takbir out loud.

The day after, today, i know i got no “ketupat” , no cookies, nothing.  A friend sent me a text saying, “Z, be happy please, i know your family far away there, but they actually are close enough, in your heart”. That text made me sad far deeper than before, and that text really touches me cuz it’s from someone who is not a Moslem. I just miss it how my mum used to wake me up at 4 and had prepared a big bucket of warm water for me, i miss to do the prayer with people i know, i miss to lead the kids knocking each door, asking for apology (while actually hoping for the ang pao), i miss it, i didn’t even know that i would be away from my family, i should have known that.

So you guys there, and anywhere who celebrate this winning day with your beloved family, i think you ought ti be very thankful. So many people out there is heavily envy, including me, not because of ketupat, cookies, new clothes nor thr, its because of the people that make them there for you. Oh no, i should be grateful for being here. I should. Eid Mubarak.

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