Don’t Be Afraid To Dream Big

Dream. Again. i got that question a lot. So one of my friend asked me to write something about not being afraid to dream. So here we go.

You know sometimes, our mind is overwhelmed by the thought like “no, it is impossible” or “oh come on man, you cannot do this.” But let me ask you, have you tried? if yes why do you give up? if no, how dare you say it’s impossible. And by the end, we are often fascinated by people and say “how come he did that? it’s incredible!”

All of those people you see on TV, you read on newspaper or magazine, they start their life with a phrase : Dream On. I read somewhere, that wasting talent is a sin. Why? Because talent is a gift God gave you. It’s so sad when you got an incredible voice, or brain or whatever but you waste it away, you don’t dream big just because you are afraid. You are afraid that you are not good enough. You are afraid of the pain you will get when you fall down. Remember when you learned to walk when you was i little toddler? No matter how many times you fell, you raised again, you stood up and tried it. Why cant we be like that again?

So many people feel trapped in the life of tiny dreams until they try. Yes, simple, just try it first, “coba dulu, baru ngomong”. If you don’t believe in yourself, or your right to have what you most desire, no one else will believe either.

We all have the power to make our dreams real. And I mean ANY dreams real. Think about it. But now, the question is will you make your drems real? Do you have the “will power”? Our willpower is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Our will is what made man go to the moon. Will is what’s going to create the cure for cancer. Will is what made everything we have at our fingertips possible.

Yes, you might fail. You might not like it and you’ll turn around and go back home. You might run out of money or not have enough time. It’s possible. But more likely is that none of that will happen. More likely is that you’ll discover, like countless others who have gone before you, that you’ll succeed. You’ll realize you are more capable than you thought; that you can push on long after you thought you couldn’t.

You’ll find that getting your fears out in the open diminishes their power over you. And you’ll realize that the choice you make to move forward is a first step toward your dream. For your dream to become reality, you must choose to step forward over your fears. Focus on your dream. Let your fears dissipate by refusing to pay them further attention. You can do whatever you want. you are great. You are incredible. You got what it takes. Will you try?

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