Fifteen October Wishes

Unbelievable it’s October already… 90 days to 2013. It is like i have through 9 months but gained nothing. So here are my wishes for this month 🙂

1. Everything goes easy

2. Safe (financially, self, everything)

3. Good adaptation with the new people, new environment, everything.

4. Everything is good when it comes to study

5. My campus is not a complete hell

6. Travels !!!!!

7. Fit and Healthy

8. Focus on goals

9. Be a good guy

10. Reach my goals

11. Out of the dark, happy.

12. Write, writ, write. Either write the history in people’s life, or on blog, paper, etc.

13. Mature in all aspects, you aint a kid anymore.

14. Close to nature

15. Most of all, close to The Greatest Material, God.

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