Hey guys!

I am the son of Adam. Zaelani Maulana Hakim is the name that i got, my parents wanted me to become a fair leader, but you can simply call me Zae, Jay, Jae, Je, Jahe, or even Ginger, or whatever you want. I was born on April 19th 1993, it makes me a truly Ariesian. I’m an Indonesian who always wants to try unfamiliar things. I write, talk, read, tweet, sketch, and surfing the internet a lot. I enjoy Rowling’s, movies, Bruno, Coldplay, Simple lan, Boyce Avenue, Adele, and also Glee. Just friend me, im an easy going one, you can ask me whenever you wanna share your problems,. Sometimes i care too much about nowadays topic, even it ist such a light thing, like politics. I wanna be an Architect, Interior Designer, and Civil Engineer. As a young man, i wanna get involved to make the world be a better place. i think i write too much, just tweet me @zaemazing catch you guys later 🙂


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